• M&S Short Film - Pulse Films

    M&S - 'Hello You'

  • LBB on ENVY's Mitsubishi 'post'

    LBB on ENVY's Mitsubishi 'post'

    Mitsubishi Motors has utilised ENVY Advertising’s expertise to create a new set of idents for Channel 4, celebrating the pioneering and innovative spirit of the broadcaster’s documentaries.

  • LBB's 'New Talent' article on ENVY's Danny Wood

    LBB's 'New Talent' article on ENVY's Danny Wood

    ENVY’s first dedicated advertising colourist on pushing the boundaries of colour, and what the future holds for grading

  • Rich Martin nominated for Music and Sound Awards

    Rich Martin nominated for Music and Sound Awards

    For the new Channel 4 Blue and Yellow ident, 4Creative asked us to find a way to represent a visually striking ident with sound. They didn't want to be too literal so we thought that if we could represent the movement of the blocks musically we might be on to something, so we got Josh on board and asked him to channel Charlie Parker.

  • Channel 4 News

    Channel 4 News

    These latest spots, from 4 Creative Director Rob Blishen, were crafted to highlight the fact that Channel 4 News is a detailed, full hour of in-depth news programme that explores a wide range of revealing and inspiring stories.

  • Get ready to welcome back the Superhumans

    Get ready to welcome back the Superhumans

    ENVY Advertising's Sound Designer Richard Martin teams up once again with Director Alex Boutell and 4Creative to create the soundscape for another bold promo to promote the coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

  • ​ENVY Advertising produces 5th Televisual Magazine cover

    ​ENVY Advertising produces 5th Televisual Magazine cover

    For the 5th time Envy Advertising's work has been chosen to the grace the cover of the ever popular Televisual Magazine.

  • GOLD at the SHOTS Awards for the Unquiet Film Series posted at ENVY

    GOLD at the SHOTS Awards for the Unquiet Film Series posted at ENVY

    ​The Art of Satire directed by Liz Unna and edited by ENVY’s editor Alex Lea won a Gold award for Best Branded Content at Shots 2015 Awards.

  • Circus

    ENVY Advertising help create VR experience of the circus at The Roundhouse

    ENVY Advertising has teamed up with Surround Vision Director, Richard Nockles, to create Circus, a ground-breaking 360° interactive film being featured as part of Power to the Pixel ‘Virtual Stories’ at the 59th BFI London Film Festival.

  • Portrait of a Soldier

    Portrait of a Soldier

    Envy Advertising is thrilled to have completed work alongside Director Marianna Bukowski on 'Portrait of a Soldier' a documentary film based around the experiences of Wanda Traczyk - Stawska, code name "Pączek", who as a 17 year old girl, fought as Polish Home Army soldier in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 - the bloodiest resistance battle of WW2.

  • Mercedes Benz – Real Test Drives

    Mercedes Benz – Real Test Drives

    ENVY Advertising have just completed work on 19 x 90” films for AMV BBDO & Mercedes from offline through to Grade and final finishing.

  • C4 - Unreported World

    C4 - Unreported World

    Unreported World is the latest in ENVY Advertising’s longstanding relationship with Channel 4 and Director Rob Blishen.

  • Film Club

    Film Club

    Feature Screening of Amy Schumer's 'TRAINWRECK' at Soho House

  • test title title

    AMC - Storyteller

    AMC launches in the UK using one of their most iconic characters, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston.



    ENVY are delighted to announce their involvement in Guy Soulsby’s new short film DEVIL MAKES WORK. The personal project for Guy is a sinister short which illustrates the devil’s twisted view of humanity, which is rather apt for the Halloween period!

  • Funding Circle ‘We Are Not A Bank’ Blog 1

    Funding Circle ‘We Are Not A Bank’

    ENVY have teamed up with DBLG and Karmarama to create the first ever TVC for Funding Circle, an online marketplace which allows users to lend money to small businesses. The minute long film is a sequence of abstract visuals – all of which resemble circles - that visually depict the crowd-sourcing initiative’s mantra that ‘we are not a bank’.

  • 'Bates Motel' Takes the Plaudits at Kinsale 2

    'Bates Motel' Takes the Plaudits at Kinsale

    We have a winner! We’re delighted to reveal that our work on the Bates Motel campaign received a great deal of recognition at the recent Kinsale Sharks Awards, walking away with 3 Golds, a Silver and a Bronze award.

  • Miller Time! 1

    Miller Time!

    For the latest Miller Genuine Draft Beer commercial it was obvious to everyone from the outset that sound design was going to play an incredibly important roll. The commercial follows various characters travelling through a vibrant New York City as they all converge for a climactic end in the same club for "Miller Time"...



    A selection of the UK’s best independent film directors have been given unprecedented access to 229 years of archive material to create a series of films celebrating the historical and cultural impact of The Times and The Sunday Times.

    Click the photo to read the full story...

  • British Arrows Awards 1

    British Arrows Awards

    Congratulations to all the winners at this year's British Arrows Awards. We are very happy that our audio department made a contribution to each of the following winners:

    Channel 4: Born Risky Alternative Voices
    Gold for television and radio promotions, silver for best over 90 second TV commercial using paid for media
    Original music composition: Rich Martin

    DLKW Lowe: Marie Curie Cancer Care - Great Daffodil Appeal
    Silver for best over 60 and up to 90 second TV commercial, silver for best 60–90 second Cinema commercial
    Sound design: Arge

    Channel 4: Grand National - Street Race
    Silver for television and Radio Station Promotions
    Sound design: Rich Martin

  • 4OD Lunch break wins Gold! 1

    4OD Lunch break wins Gold!

    4Creative’s ‘Lunch Break’ promo for Channel 4’s 4OD service won gold this week at the Promax Europe awards. It’s a short, funny spot that highlights the accessibility and amount of content on 4OD. We asked two of our creatives here at ENVY, about the challenges they faced helping create the spot.



    The Music+Sound Awards are the only Awards to recognise and celebrate the indispensible role that music and sound design play in the world of visual Media. The Ceremony was held on the 27th February 2014 at Troxy, London and our very own Arge walked away with the much coveted winning award for ‘Time Changes Everyone’ in the Trailers and Promos category.

  • The Brits 2014 1

    The Brits 2014

    Well, the Brits has just finished and what a contribution Envy has made to the evening. We've been working day and night on the Mastercard Priceless Surprises campaign which featured Pharrell, Kylie and Laura Mvula. We also provided the VFX for the best music video by One Direction. Nice work team!
    I'm sure I saw Arge with Prince...

  • Rich, Arge & Dave Nominated for M&S Awards! 4

    Rich, Arge & Dave Nominated for M&S Awards!

    ENVY's Rich Martin and Arge have been nominated for 'Best Sound Design / Trailers and Promos' at the Music and Sound Awards UK...

  • Jump! 1


  • Kylie's Priceless Moment 2

    Kylie's Priceless Moment

    We've just started a new campaign for Mastercard. The first part of this campaign is the chance to meet Kylie backstage. Get tweeting!

  • New Grading Showreel for Danny Wood 1

    Danny Wood Grading Reel

    Check out the beautiful new grading showreel from ENVY's super talented Danny Wood...

  • Promax 2013 1

    Promax 2013

    Another year and another Promax. And what a Promax it was. The calibre of work was as high as ever, with some incredible talent and creativity being showcased and recognised.

    With Red Bee, ITV, Discovery, MTV and Channel 4 all striking gold, there was a lot to celebrate at the Hilton Hotel Park Lane. And we here at ENVY had reason to celebrate too, after contributing to a whopping EIGHT gold winners and numerous Silver and Bronze Awards.

  • Marcus & Tony  1

    Marcus & Tony

    Our head of VFX, Marcus Dryden and iconic director Tony Kaye having a chat at Promax.

  • I touched Harry Styles 1

    Oh Harry...

    Its was a sunny day in Islington and we were trapped in an underground location with the biggest band in the world!
    Ben Winston has shot a beautiful video for One Direction's new single 'Story Of My Life'. Eileen Chan became his VFX supervisor from treatment stage through to final delivery. She worked out how to transition from the present back to their childhood photographs, and the results are stunning. Vicki Matich also added her magic touch in Baselight.

  • Levis & Nowness 2

    Levis & Nowness

    The aspirational evolution of American mythology is documented in director Simon Cahn’s vivid film, The Last Boxcar. Paul Fallon graded in Baselight. Eileen Chan finished up in Flame while Arge worked on the sound design.

  • Misfits Series  5 Teaser - Technical Breakdown 2

    Misfits Series 5 Teaser - Technical Breakdown

    Envy VFX was approached by Mark Radar at E4 to work on the launch teaser for the flagship show Misfits. Envy's head of VFX Dryden, a regular collaborator with Radar and massive Misfits fan jumped at the chance. ‘We were provided with a quadcopter shot in brilliant sunlight from the production rushes and a brief to make it feel like it was in the 'Misfits' world’, Dryden says.

    Dryden put his VFX team to the task. Erik Pronk match moved the shot in PFtrack and Jennifer Burke handled plate prep with Nuke, which involved rotoscoping and a lot of clean up. To turn the shot from day to 'Misfits' stormy night we had to remove the shadows and the reflections in the windows, also the quadcopter crew were in shot. After the track was done, Pronk provided FBX to Nuke and flame and rebuilt the tower block in Maya, Dryden then projected cleaned up textures onto geometry from Maya in Flame and Nuke. Also, Pronk created a sky storm with Maya fluid Dynamics to create a Digital matte painting of the sky. Dryden then composited everything in flame and graded in Lustre, Dryden also created the end GFX to give it a kick ass cinematic feel to launch the final season.

  • Film 4+1 Technical Breakdown 2

    Film 4+1 Technical Breakdown

    Barry Dyer of 4Creative came to see Marcus Dryden our Head of VFX with a rather interesting idea for the return of the Film 4+1 channel to Freeview. The concept was a skeet shoot, but with film cans. Our protagonist misses his skeets / films until he uses his special Film 4+1 shot gun ... We carried out look development on CG film cans and a dynamic end device. Production also ended up shooting the cans on set. The end device however, a giant red explosion, was created in Flame by Marcus using elements shot by SFX on set and Erik Pronk's CG cans. We ended with a smooth resolve to the Film 4+1 end graphic inspired by Creative Head, Dan Chase

  • Vimeo Staff Picks 1

    Vimeo Staff Picks

    Ellis Bahl's Josh Record video has made it into this week's Vimeo Staff Picks. A beautiful grade by Blair Wallace.

  • Channel 4 - Return Of The Superhumans 1

    Channel 4 - Return Of The Superhumans

    ENVY has just completed ‘Return of the Superhumans’. A sequel of sorts to ‘Meet The Superhumans’. 'It’s like the Empire Strikes Back of sequels with more grit and a lot of heart’ said Dryden, Head of VFX.

    Directed by Alex Boutell from 4Creative and cut by Xavier Perkins. Marcus Dryden manipulated the graded digital footage to make it feel closer to film. He worked on Flame with Boutell to craft the typography and to carry out clean up and polishing.

    Rich Martin added a kick ass soundtrack which really drove home the emotion to make this an epic trail. 'This was a really fun project. The brief was to make it loud and dirty, and it was my pleasure to do both.'

    ‘Return of the Superhumans’ will be on air from 17th July and in cinemas from the 19th.

  • Brewers - Let There Be Beer 2

    Brewers - Let There Be Beer

    It's always good to be involved in a project that gets Campaign's pick of the week. A great piece of sound design from Arge.

  • Grand Prix Winners 1

    Grand Prix Winners

    Tom Tagholm and the 4Creative crew have won the only British Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2013. Congratulations!

  • Mogwai 'Les Revenants' - Perfect music for the cold grey summer 1

    Mogwai 'Les Revenants' - Perfect music for the cold grey summer

    Mogwai provides the soundtrack for the new Channel 4 drama 'The Returned'. The harrowing drama that explores the reality of loved ones returning from the grave.

  • Bakcell 'Making Of' 1

    Bakcell 'Making Of'

    This is a lovely VFX number we completed earlier in the year. Looks like our Jason has had some beauty work done...

  • The genius that is Saul Bass 1

    The genius that is Saul Bass

    Google has marked the birthday of Saul Bass with one of the search engine's most elaborate "doodles" yet – an animated sequence based on his designs for film title credits, film posters and corporate logos.

  • Mark Denton still rules 1

    Mark Denton still rules

    We've just finished working on a Mecca Bingo job with RKCRY&R and the amazing Mark Denton. It'll be on your TV's soon.

  • Project Kronos 2

    Project Kronos

    VFX producer/supervisor Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulul's new film and excellent follow up to Fubar Redux is out …
    Project Kronos is a documentary film set in the not too distant future, following a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. As the mission unfolds with extraordinary results, the scientists find themselves dealing with a much bigger agenda. Haz and Victor Perez the other VFX gurus on the project are great friends and collaborators of Envy VFX and its good to see some grass roots VFX storytelling being produced.

  • Movi Steadycam Rig 2

    Movi Steadycam Rig

    In post we love stabilizing shots, but also hate having to lose resolution or the artifacts that come with it. Also for CG and DMP integration having a fluid smooth motion on the camera helps for matchmove and generally looks more cinematic.

  • The Smalls 1

    The Smalls

    No, its not an underwear shop. Its a very cool film festival and short filmmaker's community. http://www.thesmalls.com

  • CineDrive 2


    We like the CineDrive, which is an affordable motion control unit to help you create that Adam Berg look for half the price ...for production anyway !!!

  • Eileen Chan 2

    Eileen Chan

    Eileen Chan has recently joined us a 2D VFX Supervisor. She is small but extremely powerful in the black arts of VFX. Here is her reel from her time at The Moving Picture Company.