4OD Lunch break wins Gold! 1

4Creative’s ‘Lunch Break’ promo for Channel 4’s 4OD service won gold this week at the Promax Europe awards. It’s a short, funny spot that highlights the accessibility and amount of content on 4OD. We asked two of our creatives here at ENVY, about the challenges they faced helping create the spot.

Nick Armstrong, one of ENVY’s in house offline editors said; “Following a creative brief from Pablo Gonzalez and Greg & Mike we worked the new visual identity for Channel 4’s On Demand service.

Working closely with 4Creatives Landy Slattery & DBLGs Grant Gilbert, the brief was to merge real life scenarios and the digital devices, showing the wealth of content available.”

The promo ties in some big VFX elements with the ‘real world’ in the scene. “This involved editorially cutting two narratives that intertextually interacted, timing and energy were key in order for the humour to work and bolster the promo for the VFX to highlight the content of the shows.

The abundance of content was a curse but also a blessing, the discovery of humour in the interaction of the Channel 4 Talent with the real world, was only uncovered at the offline stage, and with Landy & Grants eye for detail and sense of humour this all made the final product particularly rewarding and most convivial.”

Dave Williams, who was responsible for the audio, had the task of creating the atmosphere in the promo and also bringing the VFX elements to life;“There were two main challenges creating the audio for this spot. Once the busy building-site soundscape had been created, the next step was to make the content audio being introduced sound like it was coming from the devices seen while keeping it intelligible, and for it to build into a 'sea' of noise to once again demonstrate the amount of content available, but at the same time highlighting and picking out each focus soundbite. I'd be lying if i said we had no fun working on the 'teabag in the crack' sound, with Landy and Grant both experimenting with various 'wetnesses' of teabags, dropped from various heights, the things we do for the perfect splat…”

Congratulations to everyone involved and all the other winners at Promax Europe. Check out the 4OD spot on our Vimeo right here.