AMC - Storyteller

The cool simplicity of an instantly recognisable character reciting a captivating poem in one take, is highlighted by the extremely stylised grade. Graded by our Head of Colour, Vicki Matich, the final look had to match the intensity of the amazing performance given by Bryan Cranston and Matich looked at a lot of high dynamic range portraiture for direction. The original rushes were shot flat, so upwards of 20 layers were used in the baselight to create chiaroscuro lighting, the lightest point being Bryan Cranston's face, with particular emphasis on the eyes. Any distractions from the one shot read are wiped out by the online process in Flame with Eileen Chan.

Client: Holman & Hunt

Brand: AMC

Creative Agency: Holman & Hunt

Agency Producer: Lucy Hunt

Director: Richard Holman

Producer: Lucy Hunt

ENVY Advertising credits

Colourist: Vicki Matich

Flame: Eileen Chan

Post Producer: Pete Burch

Sound Designer: Dave Williams