'Bates Motel' Takes the Plaudits at Kinsale 2

We have a winner! We’re delighted to reveal that our work on the Bates Motel campaign received a great deal of recognition at the recent Kinsale Sharks Awards, walking away with 3 Golds, a Silver and a Bronze award.

In the Gold category, the campaign snapped up awards for; Best Direction, Best Editing and Best Campaign.

Alex Lea, who provided the Offline Edit, said “"It was a fantastic job to work on and the footage was great. The challenge in the edit was to take the characters doing solitary - and in some ways quite mundane - things and to gradually inject an unsettling and claustrophobic feel to the spots that hinted at the dysfunctional and obsessive nature of the two of them, hopefully leaving the viewer a little unsettled in the process."

Rich Martin and Dave Williams provided the campaign’s audio and their work picked up a Silver award for Best Use of Sound.

Rich said “The sound was a collaboration between myself and Dave Williams. This was a really fun film to work on. It already looked really creepy, so the sound just had to lend an air of menace, which was a pleasure to do. We wanted the sound to un-nerve, so we messed with the music track, and recorded some foley for the live action to heighten its intensity."

Bates Motel also picked up a Bronze in the Best Drama Promo category. 

Envy Credits

Offline Edit: Alex Lea

Grade: Vicki Matich

Audio: Rich Martin & Dave Williams