C4 - Walter Presents

ENVY Advertising has recently completed the post on the launch promo for Channel 4's brand new video streaming brand, WALTER PRESENTS. Director Rupert Jones created the visually striking concept trailer, where Walter endlessly seeks out the very best drama, by watching hours of programmes in his stylised home ready to showcase the world’s best foreign-language drama free-of-charge to UK viewers on All 4.

Walter's home was set build allowing total control over lighting and the smoky atmosphere, and was filmed using anamorphic lenses. Head of Grading Vicki Matich said ‘we wanted to maintain quite a dark moody feel, dark enough to highlight shafts of light and enhance lens flares, but light enough to see the action because the shots don't last long. It's important for the viewer to very quickly "read" every shot as a way of experiencing all the stages Walter goes through in his efforts to source only the best drama for his channel. I used a lot of shapes and keys, particularly on the camera flares, boosting the colour and pushing the luma.’

Senior VFX artist Dean Wyles built several replacement screens in Flame to show different content, as well as enhancing projector beams, adding reflections, tracking in DVD covers and incorporating the Walter Presents Logo.