Channel 4 News

Client: 4 Creative

Director: Rob Blishen

Producer: Luke Fraser

Envy Team

Editor: Alex Lea

Flame: Martin Waller

Audio: Rich Martin and Dave Williams

Post Producers: Pete Winslett and Sarah Antrobus

These latest spots, from 4 Creative Director Rob Blishen, were crafted to highlight the fact that Channel 4 News is a detailed, full hour of in-depth news programme that explores a wide range of revealing and inspiring stories.

Calling upon the skills of our Senior Editor Alex Lea, Rob Blishen said “Juggling dozens of possible stories whilst getting feedback from multiple sources was never going to be simple, but Alex managed to do all that and make it look easy. I really appreciated his dedication and thoughtful approach to the project, which extended from story structure all the way through to the detail of the graphics.” The result was allowing a variety of Channel 4 News stories to play out organically in 40” intervals with a simple graphic treatment at the beginning and end of each with an integrated audio device.

Alex relished the challenge, saying “Its always great to work on a completely different kind of brief. This job was not about dressing anything up, rather we needed, in a simple way, to let the strength and breadth of Channel 4's news output speak for itself. This involved watching a great deal of news, lengthy discussions with Rob, and the challenge of finding ways to tell stories in 40 seconds without them losing their impact. I think we ended up with a great range of spots that reflect Channel 4's ability to find incredible news stories and present them to the public in consistently surprising an unique ways.”