Channel 4 - Return Of The Superhumans 2

ENVY has just completed ‘Return of the Superhumans’. A sequel of sorts to ‘Meet The Superhumans’. 'It’s like the Empire Strikes Back of sequels with more grit and a lot of heart’ said Dryden, Head of VFX.

Directed by Alex Boutell from 4Creative and cut by Xavier Perkins. Marcus Dryden manipulated the graded digital footage to make it feel closer to film. He worked on Flame with Boutell to craft the typography and to carry out clean up and polishing.

Rich Martin added a kick ass soundtrack which really drove home the emotion to make this an epic trail. 'This was a really fun project. The brief was to make it loud and dirty, and it was my pleasure to do both.'

‘Return of the Superhumans’ will be on air from 17th July and in cinemas from the 19th.