Nick Armstrong worked closely with Guy to create the offline edit, which turned out to be a real labour of love for the duo. The film has taken nearly two years to come into fruition and really solidified the pair’s long-term working relationship.

Nick and Guy used storyboards to fill in the gaps in between shoot days. With the pair ensuring that the film wasn’t longer than it needed to be, Nick stuck to the brief and was brutal in the edit. The end product needed to be succinct and punchy, much like a commercial.

Guy says “Nick and I talked through all aspects of the edit, and I don’t think we really changed anything from the original idea. Obviously he spent a long time cutting and it was hard for him because we’d shoot one thing and then there was a break for a month.”

The editing process spanned many months but the final outcome really is flawless. Nick wasn’t the only ENVY team member to contribute to the project, 2D VFX Supervisor Eileen Chan took care of all the online flame work for the film.

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