Funding Circle ‘We Are Not A Bank’ Blog 1

ENVY were involved in the project from an early stage, with Senior Editor Nick Armstrong contributing ideas for the aesthetic of the film.

Nick says “The goal was to represent the ‘circle’ element of the website’s name in abstract way, but with enough meaning to represent the story of the how website works. We wanted all the abstract images to be practical and in camera so that it would lent a tactile aesthetic to the look of the film, consequently causing it to stand out.”

Nick and ENVY Producer Sian Hagan were joined by the co-directors – DBLG founder Grant Gilbert and Lead Motion Graphics Designer Rita Louro – at Park Royal Studios for the two day shoot. With such an ambitious project, it was vital for everyone for fundamental decisions to be made in the shooting process that could then be explored immediately in the edit.

It was key for the montage of abstract imagery to be anchored by meaning, and in the post-production process the whole team – including Karmarama’s Executive Creative Directors Joe De Souza and Sam Walker – came together to create an edit which struck a balance between beauty and narrative. Most importantly, a meaning was created for the abstract imagery.

Colour is a crucial element of the film, with the vibrant, vivid hues contributing to the sense of theatre and narrative. The grade work, which was completed by ENVY’s Danny Wood and finished by Jason Farrow, really enhances the artistic, abstract nature of the film.