Get ready to welcome back the Superhumans

ENVY Advertising's Sound Designer Richard Martin teams up once again with Director Alex Boutell and 4Creative to create the soundscape for another bold promo to promote the coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. The firmly tongue in cheek promo highlights Channel 4's commitment to changing public perceptions of disability, and disability sport by playing on all too common stereotype of the disabled hollywood villain.

Taking inspiration from the big screen Alex took a cinematic approach to the promo, seeking grand locations and paying homage to some classic movies, like James Bond and Doctor Strangelove. Richard said 'We had to give this spot the energy, dynamism and attention to detail that you'd normally expect on a feature film. The job had a tight deadline so the sound mix really had to be a team effort and we were lucky to be working with a great on set sound recordist (Mike Palmer) and editor (Nick Allix) who delivered a great bed of sounds and picture to work from. Hats off to director Alex Boutell, as always with him, it was an exhilarating job to work on.'