Jump! 1

Envy teamed up again with director Alex Boutell of 4creative to create the launch trailer for The Jump, a new celebrity sports show on Channel 4. Filmed on location in Innsbruck, Boutell shot on Alexia and GoPro to capture the action. Using a combination of fast paced tracking shots and POV shots, the idea was to highlight the high octane drama and adrenaline involved with these winter sports. Editorial was provided by ENVY editor, Nick Armstrong, who worked on set, then back at ENVY as the job had a very quick turnaround. ENVY’s audio ace, Rich Martin enhanced an already dramatic edit with an excellent soundscape, giving a full sense of immersion and being in the head of the athletes, as well as skillfully integrating the voice over section. ENVY’s VFX team worked on clean up of plates and adding snow to the air and the ground where needed, this was lead by David Fillipe. Snow and particle work was completed by David Ince and Liam Collinwood, tracking and match move was handled by Erik Pronk.

Boutell wanted goggle and mask added to the POV shots, so these shots did not feel like a typical helmet cam. ENVY’s Marcus Dryden briefed the camera unit to shoot plates internals of the helmet and goggles with various lighting passes to mimic the outside light. Also Dryden shot plates of lens contaminants on glass which he then composited over the GoPro footage using Flame and Nuke. 

Check out some before and after shots above or click here to see the full spot!