Miller Time! 1

For the latest Miller Genuine Draft Beer commercial it was obvious to everyone from the outset that sound design was going to play an incredibly important role. The commercial follows various characters travelling through a vibrant New York City as they all converge for a climactic end in the same club for "Miller Time".

The brief from Alex the director was to make the viewer feel like they are completely immersed in the New York world and that the sounds should all be from the first person point of view, as we follow our heroes through each environment and experience what they are experiencing.

A lot of time was dedicated to sourcing and layering sounds that conjured up the chaos and excitement we all associate with New York. From the use of personal field recordings to sourced sounds, a mad chaotic collage was then created. New York street sounds included shop vendors, street preachers and homeless folk, plus various subway announcements and the creation of New York radio shows all worked together to put us right in the crazy world of a night out in the big apple. Not forgetting off course the addition of some classic NYC sirens and horns, which were individually re pitched and manipulated to fit the key and tempo of the music. Then as we enter our final destination of the club the sound design transforms to create its own rhythm track that complements and further enhances the final kick of the music for the films explosive crescendo. 

The music itself was composed by world famous DJ, David Guetta .This played another very important role. The track was almost complete remixed by Arge to sync it to the action and then give it  extra excitement and momentum as we follow the each person on their journey. On top of this the remixed track was then effected to mirror each environment as we pass through it. So when we are in the taxi it's in the taxi with us, it's on the street with us and finally it's in the club where it completely becomes one with the sound design. 

This was a very fun and exciting project to be part of with a great team of creative people who were bold enough to understand the power sound design can bring to a narrative.