Misfits Series 5 Teaser - Technical Breakdown 1

Envy VFX was approached by Mark Radar at E4 to work on the launch teaser for the flagship show Misfits. Envy's head of VFX Dryden, a regular collaborator with Radar and massive Misfits fan jumped at the chance. ‘We were provided with a quadcopter shot in brilliant sunlight from the production rushes and a brief to make it feel like it was in the 'Misfits' world’, Dryden says. 

Dryden put his VFX team to the task. Erik Pronk match moved the shot in PFtrack and Jennifer Burke handled plate prep with Nuke, which involved rotoscoping and a lot of clean up. To turn the shot from day to 'Misfits' stormy night we had to remove the shadows and the reflections in the windows, also the quadcopter crew were in shot. After the track was done, Pronk provided FBX to Nuke and flame and rebuilt the tower block in Maya, Dryden then projected cleaned up textures onto geometry from Maya in Flame and Nuke. Also, Pronk created a sky storm with Maya fluid Dynamics to create a Digital matte painting of the sky. Dryden then composited everything in flame and graded in Lustre, Dryden also created the end GFX to give it a kick ass cinematic feel to launch the final season.