Portrait of a Soldier (2015) Documentary Film TRAILER


Director: Marianna Bukowski

Flame: Dean Wyles (ENVY)

Music & Sound Design: Wayne Urquhart

Envy Advertising is thrilled to have completed work alongside Director Marianna Bukowski on 'Portrait of a Soldier' a documentary film based around the experiences of Wanda Traczyk - Stawska, code name "Pączek", who as a 17 year old girl, fought as Polish Home Army soldier in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 - the bloodiest resistance battle of WW2.

At 5 pm, on the 1st of August 1944, Europe’s largest underground resistance army The Polish Home Army, rose up against the Germans. Men, women and children fought to liberate Warsaw. This is the story of one of them. Filmed over several years, this has allowed for an intimate documentary with a unique insight. The film has recently been screened on major Polish channel and is coming up in some film festivals.

Post production took place over several months during 2014 with the final edit constantly evolving during this time. Wyles said ‘As well as title design and grading, the main challenge was keeping the look of the film consistent and of the highest quality. Interviews were shot over several years and the archive footage was of varying quality and aspect ratios. A huge amount of hi res still photographs were used, and Marianna and myself worked very hard to carefully move each still in pace with the music, so that the films pace never slacked. We treated the piece almost as a long promo, so that every shot was given attention, this is quite unusual in such a long piece, but helped give the film a stylish look.’

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