Rich, Arge & Dave Nominated for M&S Awards! 4

ENVY's Rich Martin and Arge have both been nominated in the 'Best Sound Design / Trailers and Promos' category and ENVY’s Rich Martin and Dave Williams have both been nominated for the Short Film ‘Erebus’ in the Best Sound Design/Short Film category at the Music and Sound Awards UK.

In the Best Sound Design/Trailers and Promos category, Rich received his nomination for his work on Channel 4's Street Race promo - a fast paced equine thriller of a promo for the Grand National on Channel 4.

Rich collaborated with 4Creative's Keith McCarthy to produce the soundtrack to the visceral trail for Channel 4's coverage of the Grand National. The brief for the sound design was to enhance the energy and dynamism of the film.  Rich found the music and used a combination of location sound from Recordist Mike Palmer and created Foley and used ENVY's extensive effects library to create the soundtrack.

Arge is nominated for his work on Skins - Time Changes Everything, another C4 trailer, promoting a new series of Skins. This promo has a dark, atmospheric fantasy element to it and the audio completes the intensity of the promo.

The Short film, Erebus was a collaborative effort which saw the talents of Editor, Sound Designer, and Creative Director Xavier Perkins with ENVY's own Dave Williams and Rich Martin come together. Xavier Perkins brought his considerable sound design skills to the offline stage before Dave and Rich worked together to blend them into the final soundtrack blurring the lines between score and Sound Design. "Xavier knew exactly what he wanted to hear, and it was an exciting project to collaborate on with him." said Rich.  The end result is a chilling, ethereal and mysterious sonic journey into the underworld. The Score was created by James Lavelle.

Check out the two nominated promos and the short film ; Rich's here , Arge's here. And the short film can be found here.